After Na’Vi’s shocking win against Team Secret in a best of 3 on March 19th, 2016, I couldn’t help but think that Na’Vi might start to make a name for itself again.

After losing their first game to Secret, it didn’t seem too bright for Na’Vi as Secret was considered better, but there was still a chance. Na’Vi put up a good fight throughout the game but after one lost Roshan pit fight, it greatly went into Secret’s favor and in the end, Na’Vi lost. The second match started of relatively even for moth teams, but Secret probably was a little more in control. Slowly, Na’Vi started to gain a lead. The had some great pick offs and managed to get some good farm in too and eventually, Na’Vi pulled of a win. With the score now 1-1, it seemed like Na’Vi had a chance to win it, but Secret is a good team and of course, many people thought they would still win.

The third and final match is really what made me think about Na’Vi. At the start, Na’Vi drew first blood gaining a small lead but the kept that lead. The kills slowly rose and then the match quickly snowballed into Na’Vi’s favor. Everyone on Na’Vi had great execution in each of their plays and showed the world that they are still a good team. At the end, Dendi and Ditya Ra’s combined net worth was about Secret’s total net worth. They played so well and it payed off for them. Beating Secret was a great feat for Na’Vi and I am expecting to see more of them.

After the match, Na’Vi did go on to play EG in the next round and lost. I was a little discouraged at this point but since EG is such a good team, it made sense that they won. I do believe that Na’Vi is going to become better but it is going to take some time.

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